Monday, 16 April 2012

Short stroll on Sunday morning 15-04-12

I took a quick stroll along the beach yesterday, blooming chilli it was! I thought i would start practicing taking pictures of gulls in flight.

As i continued with my journey i nocticed the wind getting up, which the sea became a bit choppy. Also noticed dark clouds forming, so i knew my stroll would be a short one.

I stood for a while, whilst watching a couple of gulls flying close to the waves. It amaze's me how close they can get to the waves.

As i carried on i came across this ( picture below ) and stood for a while trying to capture some waves crashing into the end of the wall.

A little bit further on with my wander, i tried to capture a gull flying close to the waves with the off-shore wind farm in the distance.

As i was comming to the end of my stroll ( was feeling very cold by now ). I noticed a wind surfer out on the waves.

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