Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday April 16th.

As for a change, i thought spending an hour or so at the local park would make a change.
Not long after setting off for the park i noticed this juvenile Herring Gull flying above, so took a couple of pictures of it.

As i enter the park i could here a Wren singing. Now i've never been able to take a picture of a wren as tthe ones i've come across have been to quick to take a picture of.
Now i knew this would be a challenge to find the wren as it is our smallest bird in Britain, and they move so fast. In the end i managed to locate the bird, and to my surprise also took a few pictures of it.
The first picture shown is how i spotted it, hiding amongst the twigs of the tree. The second picture is when it evenually came out to show itself and to sing its song.

After feeling excited for taking some pictures of a wren, i continued further into the park.
After a few minutes walking i thought i could hear a thrush singing ( something you don't hear as much these days sadly). It took me a while to find it, there it was in the top half of the tree singing away. As i looked closer i noticed it was a Mistle Thrush to my delight.

The next bird i came across was a Starling perched on top of a sign. Now i am starting to like these birds even more, they look really colourful when the sun shines on them. Also the different sounds they make, and also they are great at copying other sounds.

Now seeing this park isn't very large, i started looking for insects and butterflies before i set off home. It took a while before i came across this butterfly ( Small Tortoiseshell ). So i took a few pictures of this butterly, and here are the ones i like the most.

Also around the same area as the butterfly i noticed this bee. Now i've never seen or noticed one like this before, would like to know the name of it. Shall have to buy some books on insects ect ect.

And lastly i came across this ladybird, so had to take a couple of photos. So thats it end of journey, doesn't look like i'll be out for a while as the weather set to turn to wind and rain for the week.

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