Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday 08/04/12

A short Blogg.

Not managed to go for a wander today as the weather has been awfull. We've had that fine drizzle all day with highs of 9.3C. I managed to take a few photos which i'll post in a minute. Weather doesn't look good for tomorrow either, can't complain really as the garden needs it.

Here's my feeding station. Only seem to get pigeon's doves and starlings. There is a robin that comes to visit from time to time, but could do with some finches and tits visiting though.

This Heron is one of a pair ( of which they pair for life) that visit me each day, this one i noticed before Christmas had injured its foot. Its doesn't seem to inconvenience it as it still looks healthy.
Here's a few pictures of it, one i played around with.

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